When you break everything down, it's like dancing. In order to be able to understand what SOFT-FEEL is, you have to break all of these maneuvers down into elements circles and straight lines. And in order to do circles and straight lines, they have to be broken down into their elements, rhythm and stride.

Cowboy Dressage® is all "how" we do "what" we do with our horses.  Grooming with SOFT-FEEL must begin at home. And the elements included in this course should be part of the daily routine with your equine partner.

The ultimate goal of Cowboy Dressage is to achieve a harmonious lifestyle by creating partnership between horse & rider. We do this by accomplishing "self-carriage" - that is, when the horse is balanced and maintaining itself without needing support from the rider - and all of this in the style we call "SOFT-FEEL".

These are recordings of the live broadcast of the FREESTYLE FINALS and the TOP HAND FINALS held at the 2016 National Gathering at the Murietta Events Center, Rancho Murietta, California.


These are recordings of the live broadcasts from the CDWPA Professionals Clinic held at the 2016 Far West Regional at Rim Rock Riders Events Center, Powell Butte, Oregon.


In this course we’ll be presenting information on riding straight, not only on a line, but in a circle. Does this sound odd to you? Straightness involves the front-to-back alignment of your horse’s feet, not only on a straight line, but on a train track type curve or arc. This course in Straightness in riding your horse has many components, which includes: 1) Balance, 2) Bend, 3) Forward, 4) Straightness in a Line and a Circle, and 5) Vertical Straightness.


A horse moving over the ground has a natural sequence of leg movements that is directly related to how much ground it covers in a specific time frame. These specific sequences of leg movements and their associated footfall patterns are called “Gaits. Understanding gaits and different Gait Frames is essential in advancing your horsemanship skills. Consistency of gait is the key to excellence in Cowboy Dressage. This refers to a consistency of rhythm, frame and tempo which remains unbroken within the forward movement of any given gait.

JULY 2016

In Cowboy Dressage, it’s important to fully prepare yourself to make a good impression on the Cowboy Dressage judge. And you must do so both when entering and exiting the court. This will be the final image the Judge retains as they score you on your test. This nugget – as seen from the judge’s perspective, illustrates some typical challenges you might face, and offer some practical solutions to build your skill and confidence.


This is a recording of the live broadcast of the TOP HAND "Top 5" Competition held at the 2015 National Gathering at the Murietta Events Center, Rancho Murietta, California.