“Lightness” represents the highest achievement between horse and rider. There are no shortcuts on the road to its success. It is a pure partnership built on trust and reward. Lightness is accomplished when full use of the riders correct aids have maintained the horse in balance, cadence, and carriage. When a horse is taught to “balance himself” and not rely on the riders hands to hold him in-frame, lightness occurs. For me, lightness represents my own journey in horsemanship. It is what I wish to accomplish with each horse I train. For me, the principles of dressage are the foundation to “Light Hands Horsemanship”. This is true for every breed and every discipline. I am a western horseman by trade but my light hands were built from the school of dressage. Lightness begins with the lead rope. From there to the advanced horse, it is a long, exciting and rewarding journey. The feel of “lightness” is like no other. It, in itself, is the reward.”

Debbie has been Eitan’s manager and promoter throughout his career and their marriage. Eitan and Debbie met while showing horses. It was Debbie’s beloved Morgan stallion, Holiday Compadre that when matched with Eitan that set off a ripple effect that is called Cowboy Dressage.  She calls herself Eitan’s biggest fan and his toughest critic. The two of them are attached at the hip and have a deep devotion to each other and the horsemanship that they practice, believe in and teach.


The Partners of Cowboy Dressage World
Garn Walker  |  Lyn Ringrose-Moe  |  Wyatt Paxton  |  Eitan & Debbie Beth-Halachmy

All Proceeds from the Cowboy Dressage “Round Up Club” will ultimately go to Helping Horses Help People through the Cowboy Dressage World and Stormwalker Ranch Programs. This program will allow Cowboy Dressage World the opportunity to improve its offerings to the Cowboy Dressage Community while helping Stormwalker Ranch in its mission to Help Horses Help People.